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Groups are formed around a specific theme and have predefined number of sessions. Currently group therapy is being offered only in New jersey. If you’re interested in participating please pick the group you’re interested from the list below and contact us, we’ll get back to you with more information such as dates and location.

Group #1
Act 2
Often people reach a point in their lives when their situation changes and they struggle with what they will do next. For some, they have been doing the same work for a long time and don't want to continue to do the same job for the rest of their careers; for others, children go off to college and the person wants to start a career; sometimes people retire and find they still want to work and make a contribution but in a job that may demand less than their prior career.A group setting can be a supportive network for helping people figure it out.
Group #2
Moving Beyond Infidelity
Whether a couple stays together (or not) after an affair, many people experience feelings similar to trauma when they discover their partner has had an affair. They often report intrusive thoughts, mood swings, anger and hurt. They describe questioning their entire relationship because of the affair and individuals feel their self esteem has been damaged.
Group #3
Managing Difficult Relationships
Some of the most challenging relationships we have are with the people closest to us, such as parents, siblings, spouses, in-laws, etc.The purpose of this group is to explore ways to change the patterns of difficult relationships to make them more satisfying and positive interactions. The group will be introduced to some communication techniques and help each other to gain insight and practice different ways of communicating.
Group #4
Social Media and You…
The holiday season is hard for many people – people who are alone, or depressed or anxious or grieving. Does social media make it worse for you? Total Wellness will hold a one –time, 90 minute group session exploring social media’s impact on people at this time of year. If social media has left you feeling “everyone else seems to have a great life”, join us for this facilitated group discussion on (date) at (time). Explore techniques to evaluate the impact of social media on your mood.

Group #5
An opportunity for people who suffer from this condition or who live/work or are very close to those who suffer from it.
Group #6
An opportunity for people who suffer from this condition or who live/work or are very close to those who suffer from it.
Group #7
Wellness in Healthcare
Group for people in the mental health field. For counselors, psychologists or social workers. It’s an opportunity for mental health professionals to get feedback/support from peers about difficult cases, about finding time for self care and avoiding burn out.

Group therapy participation can be requested by contacting us.


If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

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