leafInsurances and Fees


We can help you verify if our doctors are in the network of your insurance plan and we will provide guidelines for out-of network plans. Here are some example of major insurances carriers:

Horizon (and other Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Value Options

There are several spin-offs that operate under the umbrella of the companies above, so if you have insurance and are unsure whether or not your company belongs to a major carrier, please contact us and we will happily address your questions.


Due to the complexity of our healthcare system any applicable fee, co-insurance or co-payment due can only be informed after the booking is reserved and benefits are verified. There will be no charge until the benefits are verified, informed and the booking is confirmed. For private paying patients, the fees will be available during the appointment booking; they also vary according to clinician and type of service requested.

Type of Services

    • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

    • Aprox. 30/45 mnts.

      • This will be utilized to gather clinically relevant data as well as historical background. In this time, we will cover psychiatric history, family history, substance abuse history, medication history, past medical history, social and developmental history, legal history, and any current psychological or social stressors that may have impacted mental health issues. We will offer an initial diagnostic impression as well as any appropriate treatments and/or recommendations,including referrals. This may include prescribing medication, recommendation of psychotherapy, or obtaining medical work-ups and/or laboratory data.
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    • Medication management

    • Aprox. 15 mnts.

      • Follow up sessions, usually at weekly, biweekly, or 1-3 month intervals, to monitor and adjust medication as clinically indicated.
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    • Therapy

    • Aprox. 45 mnts.

      • Therapeutic sessions which can be utilized to cover mental health-related issues, including individual psychotherapy and continued exploration of treatment goals, depending on the patient’s desired focus.
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If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.