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Athelas - 123 Psychiatry
Athelas - 123 Psychiatry

At 123 Psychiatry, we care about your overall health. We are excited to announce we are partnering with a company called Athelas to provide you with cutting-edge care. The Athelas program will provide you with tools to monitor your vitals, which will be reported back to your provider and used to ensure that your course of treatment is on track, and not causing any unforeseen side effects or issues. The program comes at no cost to you and will allow us to take an active role in your health, even remotely.

Athelas will be providing you with various devices to monitor your metabolic health from home. Your devices may include a blood pressure cuff, weight scale, glucose monitor, or a combination of all three, as prescribed by your doctor.

Athelas will text you a monthly reminder to test on your device(s). You simply text back your test results, and Athelas will securely send them over to your doctor for review.

Athelas will reach out to you to confirm your details for enrollment via phone. Look out for a call or text from 408-359-4783.

You can also enroll directly at You’ll be asked to confirm your full name, date of birth, insurance information, and mailing address to receive your devices. This form is in compliance with HIPAA, and your data will be protected.

We’re excited to provide you the very best care available with cutting-edge tools. If you have any questions about the program, you can email